Day: 10th of March 2024

Start hour: 10 am

Place: Plaça de Sa Vinya (Es Capdellà)

Distance: +- 23 km (14,3 miles)


From the 2022 edition of the race we will have a NEW and SPECTACULAR route. The objective is that the participants of the HALF will also face a SUMMIT, in this case, “Sa Mola de s’Esclop.”

The direction of the route has been reversed in comparison to previous editions (before 2022) and improvements have been made to the itinerary. Participants will walk the ancestral path of “Pas des Cosi” uphill, whereas previously they did it downhill. This change will also help to reduce erosion in the area.

The modifications made to the GALATZÓ HALF route serve to make it more attractive, more challenging and technical, with an emblematic summit and also somewhat more demanding.

Ascent: 1133 m (positive elevation gain) approx. (aproximado)

Descent: 1133 (negative elevation gain) approx.

Accumulated: 2266 m (aprox.)


Es Capdellà – Camí de Galatzó (GR221-C) – Ses Cases – Comellar Ses Sínies – Cruïlla Cota 652 m, ( 600 m, Doble Sentit) – Es Castellet – Cim de S’Esclop – Font des Quer – Es Castellet (600 m Doble Sentit) – Coma den Vidal – Boal de Serveres – Pas des Cossis – Pla Serra des Pinotells – Comellar de Ses Sínies – Ses Cases – Camí de Galatzó (GR221-C) – Es Capdellà

The GALATZÓ HALF  is a trail race designed for the enjoyment of mountain lovers who practice half-distances. It’s also ideal for those trail-running rookies looking for their first experience in a long distance. The course runs 100% on mountain trails and it starts and ends at Sa Vinya Square, in Es Capdellà. The course of the half marathon goes through some of the trails that connect the amazing Finca Pública de Galatzó.


There are no cut-off times for the Galatzó Half.

Aid stations (GALATZÓ HALF)

We have 4 aids stations on the following points of the track:

  • Aid station 1: km 6
  • Aid station 2: km 14
  • Aid station 3: km 18
  • Aid station 4: finish line

Food and drinks will be available for participants at these stops.

Important: Cups won’t be available at the refreshment stops. A cup, flask or camelback are mandatory in your kit for the Galatzó Legend and the Galatzó half.