Day: 10th of March 2024

Start hour: 8.30 a.m.

Place:Plaça de Sa Vinya (Es Capdellà)

The GALATZÓ LEGEND is a mountain marathon race (43 km or 26,7 miles) that starts at Sa Vinya square (Es Capdellà), runs through the country estate of Galatzó and finishes at the same place.  During the race the participants will ascend two of the most important peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana, Esclop (927m) and Galatzó (1027m).

The event takes places almost entirely within the country estate of Galatzó and along two well-known routes of the estate.


Thanks to the recovery work of an old route of the Galatzó estate, “Camí de Sa Font Nova”, carried out by the participants in the IFOC (Calvià Training & Employment Institute)’s SOIB (Balearic Islands Employment Institute) 30 Foresters training programme from the 2022 edition, we present a new, improved GALATZÓ LEGEND circuit.

The incorporation of the SPECTACULAR and runnable cami de Sa Font Nova allows us to achieve three objectives that the organisers of the event have been pursuing since the beginning of the race. They are as follows:

1.- REDUCE as much as possible the two-way stretches that the race used to have.

2.- ELIMINATE permanently the last section of the race, the one related to the uphill and downhill loop of SES PLANES.

3.- INTRODUCE a new route of great scenic interest, 100% mountain and runnable.

We believe that this circuit makes the GALATZÓ LEGEND much more spectacular and that it largely reflects the wishes of the majority of people who have taken part in the race over the years.

– Ascent: 2.237 m.

– Descent: 2.237 m.

– Accumulated: 4.460 m.

Start at the Plaza de Sa Vinya (Es Capdellà) – Camí de Galatzó (GR221-C) – Es Tramuntanal – Ses Rotes Llargues – Mirador de Sa Vinya – Ses Cases – Comellar Ses Sínies – Cruïlla Cota 652 m. – Es Castellet – Cim de S’Esclop – Font des Quer – Es Castellet (600 m Doble Sentido) – Coma de’n Vidal – Boal de Serveres – Font de Dalt – Pas de Na Sabatera- Cim des Galatzó – Pas de Na Sabatera- Coll de Sa Moleta Rassa – Pla Serra des Pinotells – Comellar de Ses Sínies – Ses Cases – Ca l’Amo en Biel – Camí des Ratxo- Coll Pumerà – Sa Font Nova – Ca l’Amo en Biel – Camí de Galatzó (GR221-C) – Plaza de Sa Vinya (Es Capdellà)


The maximum time to complete the Galatzó trail is 9,5 hours (8.30 am to 6 pm).

In order to avoid expelling from the race people who have not reached any of the intermediate cut-off points of the race within the time allowed, we have created NON ELIMINATING CUT-OFF POINTS, which are penalisable.

There will be two non-eliminatory cut-off points, penalisable, for the LEGEND distance,

1st point – 12.45 p.m. at Pas de na Sabatera, before starting the ascent to the top of Galatzó (Km 22.4). Participants arriving after 12.45 p.m. will not be able to start the ascent to the summit of Galatzó. They will be able to continue the route towards sa Moleta Rasa. The penalty for not exceeding this cut-off time will be 1 h to be added to the final time of the race.

2nd point: 15.30 h. GR221 crossroads with Ses Planes (km 33):  Participants arriving after 15.30 h at this point will not be allowed to start the route between Ca l’Amo en Biel, Ratxo, Sa Font Nova and return towards the GR221 junction with Ses Planes, passing directly towards es Capdellà. The penalty for not exceeding this cut-off time will be 2 h to be added to the final race time.

People who have not passed either of these two cut-off points will not be classified ahead of those who have completed the whole route, so if their final time, adding the penalty/s, is less than that of the last participant who has completed the route, 1 minute will be added to the time of the last person classified.

Those who have not passed any of these cut-off points will be considered FINISHERS of the distance they have actually completed.

The GALATZÓ LEGEND race will close at 6 pm. Those who do not reach the finish line before that time will be disqualified.

Tiempo de corte GALATZÓ TRAIL 2023 // Temps de tall Galatzó trail 2023 // cut off times GALATZÓ TRAIL 2023

Aid stations (GALATZÓ LEGEND)

We have 6 aids stations on the following points of the track:

  • Aid station 1: km 10
  • Aid station 2: km 18,2
  • Aid station 3: km 30
  • Aid station 4: km 33,5
  • Aid station 5: km 39,5
  • Aid station 6: finish line
  • Food and drinks will be available for participants at these stops.

Important: Cups won’t be available at the aid stops. A cup, flask or camelback are obligatory kit for the Galatzó Legend and the Galatzó half.

Galatzó trail is organised by the Fundación Calvià 2004 and the Ajuntament de Calvià and , with the support of the Federació Balear de Muntanya i Escalada