1. I will always respect the environment. I will not damage natural resources neither in protected nor unprotected areas, nor will I damage ethnological elements.
    2. I will respect and follow the itinerary of the route indicated by the organisation at all times, avoiding leaving the course. When training I will always follow marked paths and avoid cross-country.
    1. I will respect all members of the organisation, the other runners, judges, volunteers and anyone else involved in the race.
    1. Gels, snack bars, etc … I will carry them correctly marked with my bib number.
    1. I will not throw any kind of rubbish (wrappers of gels, snack bars, food or any other material) anywhere other than the places provided by the organisation.
    1. I will carry hiking sticks only when permitted, and, if I do, I will ensure the caps are properly fitted.
    1. I will not make any kind of light signal during the race, except for the small, red front and back lighting for use during the night sections.
    1. I will not shout or make unnecessary noise neither in the competition nor in training, thus respecting the environment.

    1. I know and accept the FBME mountain race regulations, as well as the protection zones and I undertake to comply with them.

    1. I know and accept the specific rules of the race and I undertake to comply with them.