Mandatory equipment - GALATZÓ TRAIL


Mobile telephone full charged and with the emergency numbers in agenda
Emergency number:

+34 676 036 467


Is the participant responsibility to bring the appropriate equipment / material for each of the races.


Mandatory equipment for the racers of the GALATZÓ TRAIL (GALATZÓ HALF & GALATZÓ LEGEND)

(load in to its memory the organisation’s security number ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE RACE

  • Moblie/cell phone, keep the phone on, don’t mask your number and don’t forget to leave with the battery fully charged)
  • Personal beaker or Belt with bottles or camelback (the organisation won’t offer glasses on the aid stations
  • BIB Number (dorsal)
  • Official race chip (time)
  • Head lamp (for Galatzó legend runners who expect to do a time of more than 6 hours)


  • Survival blanket
  • Breathable waterproof
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Cap, bandana or buff
  • Whistle


  • Water
  • Sticks (only allowed the use with rubber tips)
  • Bars, gels, mineral salts (You must labelling with your bib number the energy bars, gels and other food you will get to the race… Remember, this point is mandatory to take part on the race.)
  • Trekking shoes
  • GPS watch
  • Install on your mobile phone the APP of the 112 (emergency)

Hot weather kit recommended:

  • Sun glasses

  • Saharan cap or any combination which completely covers the head and nape of the neck

  • Sun cream (Recommendation: minimum sun protection factor 50)

  • Supply of water of 1,5 litres minimum

Cold weather kit recommended:

  • 3rd warm layer  (intermediary layer between the 2nd layer and the waterproof jacket
  • Recommendation : fleece or compressible down jacket
  • Robust and closed trail-running shoes (minimalist or ultralight shoes excluded)


To do these kind of races the organisation recommends to each participant to do a previous sports medical check up in order to confirm he/she is in physical conditions to do it.

We recommend a sports medical check-up especially in promotion, junior, veterans and masters categories.