Regulation - GALATZÓ TRAIL



The Galatzó Trail 2021 (Mallorca Mountain Marathon) is a spectacular trail competition that will be held on 20th & 21th of November of 2021, from 8.30 am, in the vicinity of the Galatzó Public Estate (Municipality of Calvià), beginning and ending in the small town of Es Capdellà (Plaça de Sa Vinya).

The event, which includes marathon and half-marathon mountain distances, is part of the “Lliga de Curses de Muntanya de la Federació Balear de Muntanya i Escalada” – Mountain Race League of the Balearic Mountain and Climbing Federation. Therefore, the competition will be regulated by said Federation and the participants will obtain the points established in each of the distances, according to the scale of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing (FEDME – Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada).

Everything that is not specifically set down in these rules will be regulated by the the mountain racing regulations of the “Federació Balear de Muntanya i Escalada” – Balearic Federation of Mountain and Climbing  .


Galatzó Legend (+ 43 km) is a demanding race in which the participants face a distance of 43 kilometres, on a spectacular route with the ascent to two of the most emblematic mountains of the “Serra de Tramuntana” –  S’Esclop (927 metres) and the legendary Puig de Galatzó (1.027 metres).

Galatzó Half (+ 22 km) is a race designed for mountain lovers who practice medium distance and those newer to trails, who seek their first experience over longer distances. A 100% mountain route and paths that connect the Galatzó Public Estate with the town.

  1. Organisation.

Galatzó Trail 2021 is organised and promoted by the Calvià 2004 Foundation (Fundació Calvià 2004) and Calvià Town Hall (Ajuntament de Calvià), in conjunction with other institutions and sponsors.

  1. Conditions of participation.

To participate in any of the races the following is essential:

  • Be familiar with and accept the conditions of these rules and regulations.
  • Be fully aware of the length, unevenness and type of terrain on which each race takes place. It is a condition to be physically and mentally prepared for coping with them.
  • Have genuine mountain experience, which enables us to manage the problems and risks produced in this type of race.
  • Know how to face, without external support, adverse weather conditions due to the altitude, wind, cold, fog, rain or snow.
  • Know how to manage, even in isolated conditions, the physical or mental problems that can arise from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, muscle and/or joint pain, minor injuries, etc.
  • Be fully aware that the role of the Organisation is not to help participants solve their problems and, therefore, it should be stressed that during such an activity in the mountains, safety depends on the ability of the participants to adapt to the problems that may arise or are foreseeable.

These races are open to anyone over the age of 18, as established by the ‘FEDME’ guidelines.

The organisation reserves the right to exclude from the Galatzó Trail, even before it has started, any participants whose behaviour disrupts its management and / or smooth evolution. Likewise, admissions that do not meet all of  the above requirements may also be permitted under exceptional circumstances. In cases of exclusion after payment of the registration fee, this will be refunded by the organisation.

  1. Declaration of physical fitness.

The inscription for any of the races implies the acceptance of these rules and in the unexpected, within the regulation of mountain races of the Balearic Federation of Mountain and Climbing (Federació Balear de Muntanya i Escalada)  (rules and regulation FBME ) and the adequate preparation of the participants for the race, being aware of the harshness of the geographical and meteorological conditions that may be encountered in the environment where the event is held. To this effect, the participants also declare that they are physically and psychologically prepared to undertake a race of these characteristics and that they have carried out the appropriate medical tests for their age and physical attributes.

The runners enrolled in the races understand that they participate voluntarily in the event and at their own risk, therefore, exonerate the organisation of the race from all responsibility and agree not to denounce the organising entity or entities, collaborators, sponsors and other participants, as well as initiating any claim of civil responsibility against the aforementioned parties.

  1. Registration conditions & Cancellation rules.

Registration and participation in the Galatzó Trail 2021 (Mallorca Mountain Marathon), Legend (+43 km) and Half (+22 km) distances, implies acceptance, without reservation, of these rules, and, at the time of the race, what the Security Committee determines.

Registrations can only be made via the electronic platform of the page: by way of formalised payment.

No on-the-spot registrations will be possible on the day of the race.

Once the registration procedure for the race has been completed correctly, all runners are insured to cover any accident or incident during the course of it.







(+42 km)

37 €

42 €

47 €

57 €

65 €


(+21 km)

25,00 €

30,00 €

37,00 €

47,00 €

55 €

The price includes:

  • Finisher T-shirt for participants who finish the race
  • Finisher medal for participants who finish the race
  • Timing of the race
  • Refreshments during the run
  • Post-event refreshments
  • Running animation
  • Award Ceremony
  • Trophies for the winners
  • Physiotherapy service
  • Shower service
  • Cloakroom service 
  • Parallel activities
  • Other surprises


Entry is open to all runners who have formally registered. Participants must be at least 18-years old on the date of the race and must have an adequate level of fitness to take part in this kind of physical challenge. Link

Important, during the registration you must read and accept the GALATZÓ TRAIL 2021 Release and Liability Discharge WAIVER.


Registration guarantees a spot for the event.

Name changes are not accepted.

Cancellation date % of refund 
Until 31th July 75%
Until 31th August 50%
Until 30th September 25%
From 1st of October No refunds possible

To claim a CANCELLATION fee, it will be necessary to send an email to  titled “CANCELLATION GT21” indicating in the content of the message, your name, surname, email and your ID or Passport number. It will not be necessary to give any reason for the cancellation.
Race changes:

Race changes can only be made in the event that the race to which the participant would like to change still has places available, and if the request is made AT LEAST 1 month before the race is held.

Name changes:

The exchanging of bib numbers between athletes is not permitted.  If an athlete cancels their registration, the organisation will proceed to reinsert the free place in the sales system. Under no circumstances does a cancellation entitle the person cancelling to choose his/her substitute.

  1. Day and time of departure.

Sunday 21th of November 2021 in Es Capdellà (Plaça de Sa Vinya)

  • 8.30 am – Galatzó Trail Legend
  • 9.30 am – Galatzó Trail Half
  1. Route.

The Galatzó Trail 2021 starts and ends in the “Plaça de Sa Vinya” (Es Capdellà), in the town, and runs in its entirety through the mountain paths of the Galatzó Public Estate.

The route is published on this website and in other media associated with the event, such as: the event’s social media or registration website.

The Organisation reserves the right to change, modify or suspend the published route in the event of exceptional circumstances (weather, security, recommendations from emergency services, etc.).

In case of changes, modifications or suspensions of routes, the Organisation will inform the participants by the means at its disposal, website, social media, emailing participants, etc.

The route is appropriately signposted throughout.


There will be different types of signalling, marking tapes, flags and indicator posts.

As far as possible, the markings will be distributed at  regular intervals, and the next sign must be visible from the present one (except in cases of roads or paths where this is obvious, due to the lack of crossings and/or because of the existing signs) and for technical reasons, due to orientation difficulties or rocky terrain, in which case the following two signs or markings must be identifiable at all times from the present one.

It is compulsory to follow the marked routes. All participants who voluntarily move away from the markers will not be under the responsibility of the organisation.

  1. Start control.

Bibs will be checked in good time to allow access to the area provided, from where the bibs shall be checked and the starting device for the races shall be prepared.

  1. Passage controls and cut-off times

 Checkpoints will be placed on participants.

Each participant will be obliged to wear the platform chip

Participants who do not wear it permanently will be penalised.

In order to be ranked, participants must complete the entire course and have passed through all the checkpoints established by the Organisation.

The maximum time to complete the GALATZÓ LEGEND is 9 hours and 30 minutes. Participants are required to enter within the cut-off time that is set at:

  1. Departure GALATZÓ TRAIL LEGEND (43 km):  8.30 am (Plaça de Sa Vinya, Es Capdellà)
  • Cut-off point 1: 2.45 pm (14:45 horas) – Cruce Coma de’n Vidal after descending s’Esclop.
  • Cut-off point 2: 6 pm (18 h) – Finish line

The Organisation, due to weather conditions, reserves the right to:

  • Extend the cut-off time
  • Reduce the route and distance of the race

These possible modifications will be notified on the website, briefings or normal communication channels.

Participants who exceed the time limit at the established cut-off point will not be allowed to continue the race.

  1. Start GALATZÓ TRAIL HALF (22 kms): 9.30 am (Plaça de Sa Vinya, Es Capdellà) – there are no established cut-off points.
  1. Refreshments (AV).

For both distances, the Organisation will have refreshment areas at intervals along the route, approximately every 5-10 km of the race, depending on the event.

There will also be a final refreshment at the finishing line.

Only participants with visible bibs and properly controlled have access to the refreshment posts.

Refreshment posts GALATZÓ LEGEND: 

  1. The event has 7 refreshment posts, located at the following kilometric points along the route:

AV1: km 10, AV2: km 22, AV3: km 31, AV4: km 34.5, AV5: km39, AV6: FINISH.

Refreshment posts GALATZÓ HALF:

  1. The test has 5 refreshment posts, located at the following kilometric points along the route:

AV1: km 7.2, AV2: km 10.5, AV3 km 15, AV4 km 18.5, AV5 FINISH.

At the refreshment posts, participants will be provided with solid and liquid food.

The type of refreshments available will be explained on the event’s website.

It is strictly forbidden to receive external aid or refreshments during the event outside the points set out by the organisation. 

  1. Categories, rankings and prizes.

The established categories and prizes are:

Galatzó trail offers the following categories in the Galatzó Legend (43 km) and Galatzó Half (23 km) races

  • PROMISING MALE/FEMALE 18-23 (Only in Galatzó half)
  • MALE / FEMALE VETERANS M40 / F40 40-49
  • MALE / FEMALE VETERANS M50 / F50 50-54
  • MALE / FEMALE VETERANS M55 / F55 55-59
  • MALE / FEMALE VETERANS M60 / F60 +60

The ages are referenced to December 31st of the year of the competition.

It will be essential to attend the awards ceremony to collect trophies or material won, as per your classification.

  1. Claims.

Participants, in accordance with the “Regulation of mountain races, Balearic League” (Reglament de curses per muntanya, Lliga Balear), may make claims in compliance with the stipulated period and manner.  

  1. Activities of the Galatzó Trail 2021 and complementary activities.





20th of November

Casal de Peguera (Peguera)

From 3 to 8 pm

Pick up BIB Numbers

20th of November

Casal de Peguera (Peguera)

6.30 pm

Race briefing

20th of November

Casal de Peguera (Peguera)

7 pm


20th of November

Casal de Peguera (Peguera)

8 pm

Welcome snack

21th of November

Plaça Sa Vinya (Es Capdellà)

8.30 am

Galatzó Legend Starts

21th of November

Plaça Sa Vinya (Es Capdellà)

9:30 am

Galatzó Half Starts

21th of November

Cruce Com d’en Vidal después de bajar S’Esclop

2.45 pm

Cut off time 1

21th of November

Plaça Sa Vinya (Es Capdellà)

4 pm

Awards ceremony

21th of November

Plaça Sa Vinya (Es Capdellà)

6 pm

Race closure

  1. Obligatory material.

Mandatory equipment for the racers of the GALATZÓ TRAIL (GALATZÓ HALF & GALATZÓ LEGEND)

(load in to its memory the organisation’s security number ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE RACE

  • Moblie/cell phone, keep the phone on, don’t mask your number and don’t forget to leave with the battery fully charged)
  • Personal beaker or Belt with bottles or camelback (the organisation won’t offer glasses on the aid stations
  • BIB Number (dorsal)
  • Official race chip (time)


  • Survival blanket
  • Breathable waterproof
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Cap, bandana or buff
  • Whistle


  • Water
  • Sticks (only allowed the use with rubber tips)
  • Bars, gels, mineral salts (You must labelling with your bib number the energy bars, gels and other food you will get to the race… Remember, this point is mandatory to take part on the race.)
  • Trekking shoes
  • GPS watch
  • Install on your mobile phone the APP of the 112 (emergency)

Hot weather kit recommended:

  • Sun glasses

  • Saharan cap or any combination which completely covers the head and nape of the neck

  • Sun cream (Recommendation: minimum sun protection factor 50)

  • Supply of water of 1,5 litres minimum

Cold weather kit recommended:

  • 3rd warm layer  (intermediary layer between the 2nd layer and the waterproof jacket
  • Recommendation : fleece or compressible down jacket
  • Robust and closed trail-running shoes (minimalist or ultralight shoes excluded)


To do these kind of races the organisation recommends to each participant to do a previous sports medical check up in order to confirm he/she is in physical conditions to do it.

We recommend a sports medical check-up especially in promotion, junior, veterans and masters categories.

  1. Abandonment and return to the exit.

The abandonment of a participant is not permitted in a place other than those provided by the organisation, unless this is due to an accident or serious injury.

The participant will have to communicate immediately his abandonment to the organisation.

The return to the starting line will be dependent on the availability of vehicles in the different evacuation points.

Participants who leave at another location or Control Point (CP) – PC – “Punto de Control”, but do not need to be evacuated for health reasons, will have to make their own way to the point indicated by the organisation.


  • Security and medical assistance.

There will be checkpoints at various points of the route.

It is mandatory for all participants to report any dangerous situation. Likewise, they are obliged to help any seriously injured person:

  1. Going to a checkpoint or refreshment post (AV)
  1. Calling the telephone numbers provided by the organisation.
  1. Asking another participant to call for help.

You must bear in mind that all kinds of circumstances due to weather conditions, and the race itself, can make waiting time for assistance much longer than expected.

The judges responsible for the checks, the members of the Organisation and the health care services, in agreement with the Director of the race, have the authority to confiscate the bib from any participant they believe is not in a position to continue the race, thus excluding him/her from further participation.

In case of unfavourable weather conditions which justify the partial or total interruption of the race, the organisation guarantees the return of the detained participants in the shortest possible time.

In case of abandonment before a PC, it is imperative to return to the previous PC and point out said abandonment. At this PC, you will have await the instructions of the person in charge.

  1. The Environment.

Participants must respect the environment in which the race is held and scrupulously maintain the entire area, not leaving any waste, not leaving the marked paths, not making unnecessary noise and causing the least possible impact. For this reason, participants must eat and drink WITHOUT LEAVING ANY WRAPPINGS OUTSIDE OF THE RECIPIENTS PROVIDED. Failure to comply with this point will result in immediate disqualification.

  1. Photos, posters and other resources.

The Galatzó Trail uses photographs, posters, videos and other audiovisual materials related to the race for its communication. Participation in the race implies, on the part of the participant, the acceptance that the organisation may use all the aforementioned material generated within the framework of the race. The Organisation may use these resources, in which the participants may appear, for advertisements, posters, public relations or any other journalistic or promotional purpose of the event.

This and other clauses related to the management of participants’ data and protection policies are specified in the PARTICIPANT’S CONTRACT, which must be accepted at the time of registration on the platform.

  1. Modifications.

These rules may be corrected, amplified or improved at any time by the Organisation.