Galatzó Trail and sustainable development objectives

The celebration of GALATZÓ TRAIL is very important for the municipality of Calvià. It serves to position the area as an ideal place to train and compete at any time of the year (positioning) and generates economic impact. GALATZÓ TRAIL must also contribute to sustainable development, so the organisation of the event works to meet the Sustainable Development Goals in GALATZÓ TRAIL, and therefore incorporates a set of actions aimed at: protecting the environment, favouring groups in need, supporting local products and business fabric, promoting sustainable mobility, using biodegradable products, reducing the use of plastic and paper at the event, etc.

In this section of the website you can find the main actions we carry out in each field


Community development and assistance

Donation to development projects:

We allocate 3% of the actual cost of the project to help NGO or associations that work with groups with special needs in the community.

Donation of food to food banks

All the food (fruit, vegetables, meat...) that is not consumed during the event and can be donated is sent to organisations that organize food banks.

Benefits for groups

We offer advantages to encourage the participation of various groups, among others, people over 65 years of age, people with a disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Collaboration with the local sports association network

We incorporate clubs and sports entities of the municipality in the management of the event and in the volunteering.

Support for employment programmes

We collaborate with local employment development programmes for mountain services.

Promotion of sport

The event contributes to the promotion of outdoor sports in the community. Year after year, the number of residents who set their sights on this event is increasing.


(product and local business fabric)

Local, seasonal, Km 0 product

We use local, seasonal and KM 0 products (fruit, vegetables,...).

We promote gastronomy and local product

We propose a finish line refreshment based on typical Mallorcan dishes and products (coca de verdures, panades, cocarrois, botifarró, longaniza sausage...).

We work with local suppliers

We rely on local companies to provide the essential services of the event: timing, provision of refreshments, kitchen, rental and assembly of infrastructures, transport, graphic design...

We make the area more dynamic

We promote the revitalisation of local commerce and restaurants with the event. The public and participants travel to the territory and economic activity is generated in the area.

Own culture

We have local entertainment groups that promote our own culture (dimonis, batucadas...).


(Recycling, reuse, biodegradable materials...)

Elimination of single-use packaging

We eliminate the use of single-use packaging (biodegradable or not) and opt for sustainable solutions.

Reducing the use of plastics

We reduce the use of plastic in race materials (t-shirt wrapping, medals, trophies...).

We reduce the use of paper

We reduce the use of paper in our communications. We do not produce posters or flyers advertising the event. We only use paper for race bibs, race envelopes and traffic information.

Reuse of materials

We recycle race materials (bags, tanks, branding), both in this event and in other events we produce.

Sustainable mobility

We promote sustainable mobility in order to avoid traffic and car saturation in the race area. We provide participants with TRANSFERS from Calvià and Peguera to the event area. We limit the use of motor vehicles inside the mountain during the race to those necessary (emergencies and race security).

Medals, T-shirts, biodegradable bags

We produce the key elements of the event (medals, t-shirts, race bags...) with biodegradable materials, working with companies that are committed to sustainability not only in the product but also in the process of creating the articles.


(comunicación, gestión de la prueba)

Divulgación de ODS

Informamos a las personas participantes sobre el desarrollo de los ODS en esta carrera. Las guías de carrera, las webs y otros soportes (newsletters, redes sociales), recogen las normativas de obligado cumplimiento, los decálogos para la práctica deportiva en la montaña, las recomendaciones, y otras informaciones con el fin de conseguir que el evento impacte lo mínimo posible en el territorio.

Gestión digitalizada

Disponemos de toda la información de gestión de carrera (cronometraje, seguimiento de carrera, trámites) en web, aplicaciones y newsletters. Por tanto, no es necesario el uso de papel para acceder a resultados, recibos de evento, certificados de participación, etc. 3.- Contamos con sistemas de medición digitales (encuestas, usos de aplicación y web, valoraciones en redes sociales y plataformas de comercialización) que nos ayudan a valorar el evento en cualquier momento del proceso.

Sistemas de medición digitales

3.- Contamos con sistemas de medición digitales (encuestas, usos de aplicación y web, valoraciones en redes sociales y plataformas de comercialización) que nos ayudan a valorar el evento en cualquier momento del proceso.

APPS de planificación

Ponemos a disposición de las personas participantes aplicaciones que les permiten planificar la carrera (ritmos, avituallamientos, etc.)